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NFA 2002 Constitution

Word version of constitution available for download. Right click on document name NFA2002Consitution.doc and select “Save as...” from the menu.

We, the People of the Netmail Football Association (NFA), in order to promote a more perfect game, establish justice and disrupt domestic tranquility, scout obscure players in faraway places, spend inordinate amounts of money on newsstand magazines with questionable value, peer endlessly over columns of stats, curse inaccurate injury reports, and revel in our genius when players occasionally perform remotely near our projections, do ordain and establish this Constitution as the Official Rulebook for Play and effectively end this run on sentence.


I. Teams
II. Fees and Prerequisites
III. Schedule
IV. Player Draft
V. Rosters
VI. Starting Lineups
VII. Bye Weeks
VIII. Scoring
IX. TieBreakers
X. League Governance
XI. Expected Owner Conduct
XII. Bottom Line


I. Teams

  1. There shall be 12 teams with 3 divisions.
  2. Each team shall have an official team name, stated prior to the declaration of keepers.
  3. Before the draft, each team shall provide the Commissioner the email and telephone numbers (work and home) of each Owner. A list of emails (and if allowed, home phone numbers) shall be made available to each owner before the start of the draft.

II. Fees and Prerequisites

  1. There is no monetary fee to participate in the NFA.
  2. Each Owner must have at least one functional email account, monitored regularly.
  3. It is required that each Owner pay attention to their team and provide due diligence towards it day-to-day operations.
  4. Owners failing to actively participate in the continued operation of their team shall be asked to relinquish ownership to a substitute Owner, which shall be assigned by the Commissioner.

III. Schedule

  1. The league will be operated and scored utilizing traditional head-to-head competition up to and including week 14 of the NFL season.
  2. Each team will play the members of their division twice and all opposite division foes once.
  3. Playoffs will occur in weeks 15-17 with the champion from each division and three wildcard teams making the playoffs. The league’s two best records will get byes in week 15.
  4. The championship game will be played week 17.
  5. The six teams not making the playoffs will be allowed full rights of team ownership during the playoffs, including free agent  acquisitions.
  6. The randomized schedule shall be created by the Commissioner prior to the draft using the league’s designated software package.

IV. Player Draft

  1. The draft will take place via email, beginning at noon Eastern time on the first business day or first Monday after the 4th of July holiday, or in a real (cyber) place unanimously agreed upon by the Committee of the Whole.
  2. Declaration of “keeper” players must be made to the Commissioner by midnight Eastern time on the Sunday two weeks prior to the start of the email draft, unless otherwise agreed.
  3. Each team must have an Owner or duly appointed representative present adn available throughout the entire draft.
  4. Owners will build their teams through a non-traditional serpentine draft. The draft order will be determined based on the previous season’s record, with the worst record going first and the two Superbowl participants (regardless of record) selecting last.
  5. The draft order will be used in rounds 1-4 and all even-numbered rounds that follow; the revesed draft order will be used in all  odd-numbered rounds starting with round 5.
  6. Keepers:
    A. You may keep zero, one, two, or three players from your current roster.
    B. To keep players, you forfeit high draft picks as defined below:
         1. Zero keepers: draft in every round
         2. One keeper: forfeit first round pick
         3. Two keepers: forfeit first and second round picks
         4. Three keepers: forfeit first, second and third round picks
    C. Players may be kept a maximum of three consecutive times by a single owner.
    D. Keepers may be of any position including the D/ST.
  7. There shall be a 12-hour time limit to make a selection during the draft.
  8. The Commissioner has the right to suspend or relax the time limit on weekends or over holidays.
  9. Failure to select within the confines of these limits will result in a “passed” selection slot.
  10. A passed selection may be made up at any time.
  11. Trading of players and draft picks may begin upon completion of the NFL season.
  12. Trades made before the keeper declarations do not alter the number of keepers allowed or darft slots allowed. For example, if an Owner with several good players trades his third round pick for another good player, he may only keep two players since he has no rights to forfeit his third round pick as it now belongs to another Owner.
  13. Trades made after the keeper declaration may alter the number of players kept, but one may not trade draft slots which will not be held due to the keepers declared.
  14. Draft lists may be used and are encouraged in the later rounds and over weekends. They are mandatory usage if the Owner will be  unavailable for a portion of the draft.
  15. Once a draft selection has been stated to the Commissioner, it cannot be rescinded without the consent of a majority of Owners present.
  16. Each Owner must draft enough players at each position to field a minimum starting lineup (see Article VI. 1.). All remaining roster slots may be any of the pool of eligible players.
  17. Owners drafting less than 18 players due to trades/passed picks may exchange their empty rsoter slots during the regular dropp/add  procedure.
  18. Owners accumulating more than 18 players in the draft must reduce their roster to 18 by midnight Eastern time Sunday of the pentultimate weekend of pre-season NFL football.

V. Rosters

  1. The maximum roster is 18 players.
  2. The Commissioner shall have the final say on all roster and position eligibility questions once he has solicited input from the owners, if needed and requested.
  3. Players that are officially listed at multiple positions by their NFL teams may be drafted at any position, but must remain at that one position throughout the NFA season. (Exception: known multiple position players may be assigned a position prior to the draft - see Article V.2.)
  4. The team defense/special temas is considered as a single player.
  5. There shall be no injured reserve slot on the roster.
  6. Roster changes, or “Drop/Add”:
    A. Roster changes may be done once per week, up to a maximum of two requested changes per team per week.
    B. Drop/Add requests must be submitted to the Commissioner, preferably via email, no later than 9:00 pm Eastern time Thursday each week. On weeks in which there is a Thursday game, the submission deadline  shall be Wednesday at 9:00 pm Eastern time.
    C. Drop requests should include a prioritized ranking of no more than 5 players to add. In the event that no listed player is available, then the original player is kept.
    D. In the event that two or more teams request to add the same player, the priority shall be determined as follows:
         i. worse record
         ii. less starting total points scored (game totals)
         iii. most starting total points allowed (game totals)
         iv. lower first round draft position
    E. Every team’s first drop/add request of the week will be considered before any team’s second requested drop/add maneuver, and so on.
    F. Players dropped/waived before the deadline are returned to the free agent pool and may be selected by any  other Owner in subsequent weeks only.
  7. Trades:
    A. Each team will be allowed unlimited interteam trades over the course of the season.
    B. A player may not be traded back to his originating team for a minimum of four weeks.
    C. Draft picks (for the current season or draft) and/or players may be traded.
    D. “Future considerations” or cash may not be traded.
    E. Resulting rosters must not exceed 18 players.
    F. Trades must be “fair”; any trade deemed to be suspicious may be vetoed by the Commissioner.
    G. A trade is not done until both parties notify the Commissioner  of the details to verify the deal.
    H. Trades must be reported and verified by the weekly lineup submission deadline for the trade to be validated and the players used in that week’s game.
  8. Roster addition deadlines:
    A. No elective orster alterations may be made after the Thursday preceeding the final week of the NFL regular season.
    B. No trading between teams after the Thursday preceeding the 10th week of FFL games until the completion of the NFL regular season.

VI. Starting Lineups

  1. Starting lineups will consist of the following:
         1 QB, 1 RB, 3 WR, 1 WC 1 K, 1 D/ST and 1 OT (3 OT if in the playoffs)
  2. The WC position may be either a RB or a WR.
  3. The TE is considered to be the same as a WR.
  4. The deadline for submitting starting lineups shall be midnight Eastern time on Saturday. In the case of a Thursday and/or a Saturday  game, the lineups shall be sue at noon Eastern time on the day of the first NFL game of the week or a time (e.g. before the kickoff) determined by the Commissioner.
  5. Default starting lineup: in the instance that the Owner fails to make a timely submission of the lineup, the prior week’s lineup shall  be used. In the instance that there is no prior week (week 1), the first lineup drafted (e.g., the first QB, first RB, etc.) shall be submitted by the Cpmmissioner.
  6. If an Owner trades or waives a player in the default lineup, that lineup slot shall afford zero points for the week.
  7. An Owner may make ONE and ONLY ONE change in their lineup after the lineup deadline, up until the first kickoff on Sunday, provided the change does not involve a player that has already played in his game that week.
  8. The OT player may be of any position, including D/ST.
  9. The OT player will only be used in the instance that there is a tie game.

VII. Bye Weeks

  1. A lineup replacement for a player on a bye week must be selected from the available roster. No “carryover scoring” will be allowed.
  2. In the event a player on a bye is started, either by accident or by default, that player shall receive a zero total for the week.
  3. A player on a bye may be waived.

VIII. Scoring

  1. Points: official scoring is as follows:



= 3 points
= 6 points
= 6 points
= 6 points

Field goal

0-39 yards
40-49 yards
50+ yards

= 3 points
= 5 points
= 7 points

Extra point


= 1 point

Concersion (any type)


= 2 points



= 2 points


fumble recovery

= 1 per 10 yards
= 1 per 10 yards
= 1 per 20 yards
= 1point
= 1 point
= 1 point

Points allowed

14 or less
10 or less
7 or less

= 3 points
= 5 points
= 7 points
= 10 points


individual player

= 6 points
= 6 points

2. Official scoring: The statistics provided by the league’s designated software package will be used to settle any scoring disputes, and will be considered official and final.
3. The weekly scores will be tabulated by the Commissioner and will be distributed on Tuesday morning.
4. The winner will be the team with the highest total score by the eight designated starters (see Article IX. TieBreakers).

IX. TieBreakers

  1. Regular season tie games shall be decided by using the OT player:
    A. If no OT player is provided, the OT score is zero
    B. The game is a tie if the OT points are equal
  2. Post season games:
    A. Highest OT1 player point total
    B. Highest OT2 player point total
    C. Highest OT3 player point total
    D. Better season total points scored (game totals)
    E. Season overall record
    F. Coin flip
  3. Season standings:
    A. Overall record
    B. Season total points scored (game totals)
    C. Head-to-head record
    D. Division record
    E. Season most total points allowed (game totals)
    F. Coin flip

X. League Governance

League stability serves to enhance the integrity and enjoyment level of the pasttime. The league will be governed by the following framework:

    A. Commissioner: The goal is to have a very strong yet fair Commissioner. The Commissioner is sworn to act at all times in the “best interests of the NFA” and is vested with the following powers and obligations:
      1. Interpert the Constitution as he sees just and fit.
      2. Maintain the integrity of the league and its Owners by enforcing  Article XI, “Expected Owner Conduct”.
      3. Settle all disputes between Owners.
      4. Settle position/eligibility questions.
      5. Preside over the draft and settle draft disputes.
      6. Distribute free agents through the weekly drop/add process.
      7. Approve all trades and transactions.
      8.Provide timely weekly scoring results.
      9. Officiate over off-season dealings
      10. Provide accurate record-keeping from previous season.
    B. Committee of the Whole: The league Owners will function as the Committee of the Whole which is made up of all league members, each with  an equal vote (one per team). The Committee of the Whole reserves the right to veto ANY decision made by the Commissioner with a 2/3 (i.e., eight) majority vote. Each member fo the Committee of the Whole will  be charged with the responsibililty of acting in the best interests of the league.

XI. Expected Owner Conduct

Owners will be expected to conduct themselves in a manner tht will not disparage the league nor its owners in any way, shape, or form. As we  have no prize but “bragging rights”, bragging and teasing will always be a part of the personality and charm of the NFA, and is to be expected; personal or abusive attacks, taunting, and inflammatory or socially unaccpetable behavior or language will not be tolerated, however. The Commissioner along with the offended party will have total authority in drawing the line between “good-spirited fun” and an unacceptable or abusive attack. This will be strictly enforced.

XII. Bottom Line

The NFA was founded on the ideal of conducting our game of Fantasy Football at a friendly, yet competitive level. Every Owner is a vital part of this process and each of us are very essential to the success of the league. While we all partake of tis hobby because it is enjoyable, recall that the real merits in our lives are the people we touch each day. Remember folks, this is supposed to be FUN! May the gods of fantasy football smile down on us all, and may the bouces go the way of those that truly deserve them!

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